Japanese Live Chat Is A Boon To Love Partners

My grandmother used to tell me stories about how difficult it was for her to interact with my grandfather before they were married. Those days Japanese culture used to be more conservative than today hence get to meet a young man was a thing next to impossible for a Japanese woman.

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Fortunately, I am born in an era where it does not require you to even go out of the house to meet your loved one. With the growing popularity and membership of live chat websites, Japanese couples have found it very easy to stay in touch even if their family members do not allow them to step out of the house and meet each other.

Bridging the barriers

During my exam days when my mother had mandated it for me not to step out of the house and to focus on studies, I used to do live chat with Takashi and stay in touch with him all the time. When I compare my story with my grandmother’s I really feel like thanking my starts that I am born in the internet age and the concept of live chat in Japan has been launched where no distance feels like a distance.

Live Chat Helps Me Stay In Contact Even When I Am Out Of Country

At the end of three years of my consignment, when I was leaving Japan, I was not only leaving behind sweet memories of the country and the people, but I was also leaving behind Kazuko, the love of my life whom I had met in Japan after I got posted here three years back.

While we had plans to get married before I leave Japan, due to some family issues it could not happen. Plan were made that the marriage would happen only next year and not before that. We were very sad that once I move out of Japan, how we would stay in contact. The mere thought of living without Kazuko was driving me crazy.
What an idea!!

All of a sudden, the idea of doing live chat came to my mind. By doing live chat we would be in constant touch with each other. When I told her about live chat, her conservative Japanese mind first did not like it very much, but then when I persuaded her and told the benefits of Japanese live chat, the lost smile came back to her face.
Benefits that we would get

I told her that there were many benefits that we could get from a live chat. These were:

• Doing live chat is very much convenient. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. I planned to buy her an android phone so that we could do live chat from the phone itself.
• Reduces expenses of international calls. It is economically not possible to stay on the phone for hours when you are making international calls. Live chat can help in cutting that expense out.
• We could get into a Japanese live chat session at any time of the day at minimal cost.
• While we do live chat we would be all by ourselves without any background noise distracting or disturbing us.

The distance of thousand miles that was to prevail between me and Kazuko would not seem so large when we do live chat regularly and stay in touch with each other. On top of it, if we can go ahead and install a webcam to the computer, we could do live chat while seeing each other.
Thanks to the developing technology which is developing so many live chat software that helps parted couples like us to still remain in touch with each other.

I Meet My Girlfriend Over Live Chat Session

I am a student in the Kyoto University and my name is Fumitaka. I come from the town of Morioka where I have my parents living. Here in Kyoto I have made friends with Akemi and we are into a relationship for the last one year. However, over the last one year we have met only for six to seven times.

With live chat there is no worry of money

The main reason why I have not been able to meet Akemi more often, like my other friends meet their girlfriends is purely financial. I live on the money that my father sends and the amount does not allow me to take my girl out for a date. Hence my only resort to get in touch with Akemi is by means of Japanese live chat.

Over the last one year we have spent at least nine to ten hours every day on the live chat window and that is how our love towards each other has intensified. Akemi understands enough to realize that I do not have the financial backup as of now to meet her; hence she has readily agreed to continue the relationship over live chats. By means of live chat, we get to know each and every thing about one another, who are cooking what, who is going where and with whom and many other personal things.

The benefits that I get

The expenses of doing a live chat are very nominal as it just requires the internet to start a session. There are many Japanese as well as general websites that offer live chat option to its members and most of the services are free of cost. It also saves me the time to go and meet her in a formal way in a restaurant or public place.

Live Chat Brought Me Life

I love a Japanese cutie and my sweetheart Nori is a great find, whom I could not have come across if I weren’t lucky to try online dating. I am from a different ethnicity and background, and things and culture at my part of the world are quite much different than the Japanese ways. I was never actually screening through any Japanese dating site too, as I never needed to do that. I am a European, and I was looking for dating sites and people in my own ethnicity. I was quite active at social media sites too.

I saw Nori the first time

One day when I was surfing through a social site, a face got my attention, and I followed the profile to find out that she was a cute and smart Japanese girl called Nori. Nori instantly got my attention because of a strange appeal in her face that called me for friendship. I got her mail id and her dating profile id from her profile information in that site.

I wasted no more time to get to her profile, and found out that she is a member of a popular Japanese dating site. She was also playfully exploring dating and all, like the girls of her age do. I sent her a friend request and chat invite. The following morning I was looking through my emails in my android smartphone, when I saw the notification that she had accepted my invitation. Normally I do not login to my system right at the morning.

But that day, I felt this sudden urge to login immediately, as I saw that the notification was quite fresh and it had arrived just 3-4 minutes ago.

Our first live chat

I was in the hope of spotting her online, and yes, I was right. She was there online. I opened a chat with her, and pinged her. She answered and made my heart throb in excitement. There was something about the conversation that I would never forget. I had chatted with so many people earlier, but this was special.

We started video chatting

Gradually we gelled really well, and I used the Japanese live chat in the site quite often. I also did send her translated Japanese phrases to make her smile. One day she invited me to a video chat saying that she had installed a asian sex cams that would give her great picture quality on chat. She wanted to see me, as well as test her new webcam. I was also highly excited, not really about the webcam, but about the upcoming chat session, when I would be able to see her talk to me naturally with free movements and free flow.

The first live chat we had over the webcam was really exciting. I was overwhelmed with both joy and excitement. I saw her and continued to see her. She was much more beautiful than she looked to me in her pictures, and as she talked, smiled, raised her brows sometimes and swayed from one side to another while changing sitting positions, I just felt mesmerized with the experience.

Then I suddenly had this feeling that she was also seeing me as well, and a strange self consciousness took over me. However, I became easy with video chatting in a few days, as we saw and did live chat with each other quite often.

Planning to visit her in real

Nowadays I am planning to visit Japan to take our relationship to the next level. I have actually proposed her online in live chat, and she was very happy. Now I want to do this in real, by visiting her in person, and am looking forward to the experience of visiting her family afterwards.

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